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Selecting a Buyer’s Agent

Why is it important to select a buyer’s agent?

Many of my clients ask why it is important to use a buyer’s agent in their real estate search.

Whether it’s a primary residence, a second home, or an investment property the process can be overwhelming even if you have been through the sequence many times before. Buyers generally start their search using the internet but real estate involves so much more than simply looking for property on the various websites.

As a educated buyer, you will want to know…

  • “Is the listing price too high?
  • What have other homes in the area sold for over the past year?
  • How many Days on the Market has it been active?
  • Are there any county restrictions that would make this property non- compliant?
  • Is there anything I should know about this property that may not require a written disclosure?”
  • As an Accredited Buyers Representative I will be acting on your behalf to help answer these questions and at no cost to you. Both the buyer’s and seller’s agents are paid by the seller’s commission.

Real estate is a very important and detailed investment. Don’t do it alone.

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