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Evironmentally-Friendly Tips for the First-Time Homebuyer in Montana

Save money and avoid illness with the right building processes in the Bitterroot Valley and beyond

If you are a first-time homebuyer in Montana looking for the best deal for your budget, be sure to look at environmentally-friendly features, too. With the latest technology, materials and more, you can save a lot of money and help the environment at the same time with your new home purchase. For example, check out these…

3 Environmentally-Friendly Tips for the First-Time Homebuyer in Montana

1. Look at heating and cooling options approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

While the Bitterroot Valley has some mild conditions throughout the year, you’ll still want to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.The Covey - Sandhill Ridge - First-time homebuyer in Montana

Contractors must follow certain energy codes per state law, but you also want to keep an eye out for ENERGY STAR® New Homes. Designed to use a lot less energy to heat and cool your home than other systems, these homes use the latest materials and techniques.

According to the Energy Star site, “the EPA ensures that each product that earns the label is independently certified to deliver the quality, performance, and savings that consumers have come to expect.”

2. Don’t forget air quality.

To be comfortable in your new home and avoid allergens that can make you and your family (and pets) sick, check for an Indoor airPLUS home. These homes must be ENERGY STAR Certified first before receiving an Indoor airPLUS certification backed by the US Department of Energy (USDOE).

Be a Montana local! Western Montana living and The Bitterroot ValleyAccording to the EPA, “Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary partnership and labeling program that helps new home builders improve the quality of indoor air by requiring construction practices and product specifications that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants.”

3. Research the builder/construction company.

While The National Center for Appropriate Technology indicates that, “all new residential buildings in Montana must comply with the ‘mandatory’ provisions of the energy code and at least one of the building envelope compliance [control heat, air, liquid water, water vapor movement] methods,” you still need to due your due diligence.

Conduct research on the construction company that built the homes you are interested in to see their history and experience, construction processes, building materials, testimonials, and more. This way, you know you’ll be working with a reputable company and can put some of your anxiety to rest.

Enjoy Your Environmentally-Friendly Home!

Enjoy Sandhill Ridge - First time homebuyer in MontanaToday, builders and contractors are using the latest materials, technology and practices to create solid homes that can withstand the elements, be environmentally friendly and provide comfort. This is not only good for the health and safety of your family, but it will also help you save money on utility bills.

As a first-time homebuyer in Montana, be sure to remember these key tips and enjoy your new home!

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