Checklist for Living in Montana

A Simple Guide for your Move to the Bitterroot Valley and Big Sky Country

Living in Montana

You are sick of smog, traffic, noise, stress, and more and are looking forward to living in Montana. You’ve bought your dream home in Hamilton, Montana and the Bitterroot Valley and are getting ready for your big move.

But what should you expect?

Here is a simple list to help you prepare for a new life in Big Sky Country!

Checklist for Living in Montana

  • Leave stress behind.

As soon as you arrive and get situated in your new home, you’ll want to let go of your stress and unwind as quickly as possible. Take some time to look at the beautiful views around you. You’ll see picturesque mountains, green valleys, the Bitterroot River, and more.

This can be a big change from the typical, urban living you had in your previous home. But after a few minutes, you’ll feel your body unwind with the beauty of nature all around you.

YSkwalla Montana fly fishingou can finally relax, and this brings me to the next point…

  • Take a deep breath and listen.

While you may have avoided taking a deep breath in your previous location, you’ll want to breathe in the fresh, Montana air. It will make you feel alive!

And depending on where you are and the season, you’ll hear all kinds of wildlife, the river flowing by, and other, natural sounds… void of honking horns and traffic! Sit back and take it all in. Ahhh.


  • Be friendly.

If you are not used to people saying “Hello” with a big smile, you’re in for a treat.

Local residents of Hamilton, Montana (and all over the Bitterroot Valley for that matter) are warm and friendly, especially to new residents. Their friendliness can be contagious so don’t be surprised if you start asking complete strangers how they are and telling them to have a great day!

  • Schedule some outdoor adventures!

While you may have been cooped up in a small space where you lived previously, now is your chance to go outside and have some fun in Big Sky Country!

There are so many things to do in your new, Montana location! For example, you can go hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, shopping, bird watching, horseback riding, and much more. Plus, you can visit some of our famous museums, restaurants, shows, local festivals, and rodeos. To find out more, check out this link of activities and events in Hamilton, Montana.

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Darby Rodeo –

Living in Montana is a Smart Choice.

If you are ready to say goodbye to “big city living,” your new home in Hamilton, Montana or somewhere else in the Bitterroot Valley, awaits! You’ll enjoy friendly people, fresh air, relaxation, and thousands of fun things to do outside… and inside.

Are you ready to discover more about living in Montana?

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