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Tin Cup Creek Log Cabin Luxury

Top 10 Myths About Montana Real Estate – Debunked!

Bitterroot Valley Real Estate Agent Provides Inside Tips

From all of the television shows, movies and news reports, you might have the wrong idea about Montana real estate and living in this area. As someone who works, lives and plays in the Bitterroot Valley and has sold many homes here at all price ranges, here are…

The Top 10 Myths About Montana Real Estate

1. All of the homes are expensive.

While you may see many of the beautiful, luxury mansions that are available in Montana on television and in brochures, there are also all kinds of homes available at various price points. So, if you are a first-time home buyer, or just looking for a new place to live, Montana has something for every budget.Bitterroot Valley real estate

2. It’s cold and snowy year-round.

In reality, the Bitterroot Valley is known as the “Banana Belt” of the Northwest. Here, they experience 16 hours of sunshine a day during the summer with mild temperatures year-round. You can experience all of the seasons!

3. It’s difficult to start and run a business here.

Actually, Montana recently ranked #1 in The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship with Missoula ranking 9th and Bozeman ranking 12th in their startup rate per an article in the Montana Associated Technology Roundtables. New businesses launch regularly in this state, including high tech, manufacturing and science companies, to name a few. Montana just might be the perfect place to grow your business!

4. There is no affordable land to buy.

This is just not true. For example, you can apply right now to be one of the first residents in the new subdivisions in Sandhill Ridge and Forest Hills. These new communities in Ravalli County are now accepting applications for over 30 lots homes on premier lots ranging from 1 to 2.29 acres.

5. Utility costs are higher than average.

A lot of the new construction in Montana focuses on “green” construction and buildings that “live and breathe.” For example, the homes at Sandhill Ridge are energy-efficient and offer lower utility costs. They also include Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). And you can relax with a one-year builder warranty. This means you actually help the environment while saving money on your utility bills.

6. It’s impossible to build a new, custom home without spending a fortune.

Enjoy Sandhill Ridge - First time homebuyer in MontanaIn the new communities, you don’t have to compete with the long-standing big cities nearby. With these subdivisions, you get more living space, room for expansion and land for your money. Also, you often have the opportunity to choose from different home models in various locations. Plus, you can personalize the floor plan and request numerous upgrades, basement additions and more.

7. The schools aren’t that great.

Actually, you will find some excellent educational opportunities available at schools like Montana State University, The University of Montana, Carroll College, and many more. Also, a study by U.S. News and World Report recently ranked, Florence-Carlton High in the Bitterroot Valley as seventh in Montana receiving a bronze medal.

8. There are tourists everywhere.

Naturally, you are more likely to hear about all of the popular parks, hiking trails, ski areas, and more. But there are many areas that are quiet where you can enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature without seeing anyone! In fact, if you are in town, please give me a call as I’d love to show you around and introduce you to some of the “local” secrets you can find in this beautiful state!

9. Taxes are high.

Actually, in the less popular areas and new communities, residents pay a fraction of the taxes of the big, popular cities in the surrounding area.

10. It’s difficult to shop and get around.

Skwalla fly fishing - MontanaWhile the Bitterroot Valley offers hundreds of quiet places to enjoy all that nature has to offer, you can usually reach all of the amenities of the “Big City” in a matter of minutes. There are plenty of shopping and entertainment venues, restaurants, and more for everyone in the family. This means you get the best of living in “Big Sky Country” and the “Big City” too!

Friendly People and Wide-Open Spaces Await!

In Montana, you can enjoy world-class fishing, skiing and other, outdoor activities one minute and be in your quiet, peaceful home the next.

Whether you are looking for a log cabin home, a new place for your family to enjoy or just a change of pace, Montana has something for everyone!

If you’d like to learn more about Montana real estate, and get a breath of fresh air, please call me at 406.240.6497 or [email protected]

Western Montana Living – Make Resolutions a Reality!

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Come True Easily in The Bitterroot Valley, Montana

Very few people achieve their New Year’s resolutions (some stats are as low as 8%), but it doesn’t have to be this way… especially if you enjoy Western Montana living in the Bitterroot Valley!

You see, research indicates that you need to make a mindset shift in your brain to increase your chances of accomplishing your resolutions. According to the recent article in Fast Company, “How can you keep your New Year’s resolutions” by Kathleen Davis, you need to:

“Find your motivation,” “make failure more painful,” and “create a plan for dealing with setbacks,” among other things. With all of this in mind, here are some…

Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality – Bitterroot Valley Style!

Find activities you love to do.

If you want to lose weight and get in better shape, it’s important to find activities you like to do. For example, instead of going to the gym, how about taking a hike outside and enjoying all of the beauty Western Montana has to offer?Skwalla Montana fly fishing - Western Montana Living

You can also ride a horse, snow mobile, fish, hunt, and more. And if it’s too cold outside, how about spending time playing games with your family indoors?You can also do workouts in front of a large window. This way, the time will fly by as you watch all of the animals and birds outside playing in the falling snow.

Move to a better location!

When you look at your life and surroundings, do you like what you see? If you are stressed out by a small apartment, noise neighbors, traffic jams, and more, maybe it’s time to look at moving.

Did you see my recent post on the Top 5 Reasons to Enjoy Western Montana Living in 2019?

Right now, there are affordable and beautiful homes available in Sandhill Ridge, Forest Hills, and more. I can help you find the perfect home for you and your family within your budget. If you are looking for a luxury log cabin, I can help you there, too!

Set goals.

To make your dreams a reality, it just takes some planning. If you want to lose weight and get in better shape, create small, daily goals that work for you.If you want to move to a better location for a happier, healthier life for you and your family, figure out how you can make that happen by finding a new job, getting a real estate expert to help you, and more.

Make 2019 the Year Your Dreams Come True!

Instead of listening to all of the hype about failed resolutions that don’t materialize, why not look at the positive side of things? By figuring out exactly what you want, setting small, daily tasks to accomplish your goals and getting help from the right people, you can change your life for the better.

I’m here if you need me as I’d love to help you make your Western Montana living dreams a reality in 2019!

Contact me for more information at 406.240.6497 or [email protected]

Own your own Bitterroot River Retreat and Bitterroot Valley luxury homes in Montana!

Top 5 Reasons to Enjoy Western Montana Living in 2019

Now is the time to move to the Bitterroot Valley

You see television shows like Yellowstone, Log Cabin Kings, and more, and the great outdoors calls to you. Your small home or apartment in the city is getting old, and Western Montana living looks really good.

But, it’s too expensive and difficult to move to Big Sky Country right now… or is it? Now is the perfect time to make a life change. The New Year is right around the corner, but there are also…

Top 5 Reasons to Enjoy Western Montana Living in 2019

1. It’s affordable.
Get property now in Forest Hills Montana - Western Montana LivingPreviously, only the wealthy could afford a beautiful home in the heart of Montana beauty. But now, there are brand new communities opening that are cost-effective and offer lower tax rates. Check out Sandhill Ridge, Forest Hills and Florence.

2. Your kids will get a good education… indoors and out.
Some of the best schools in Montana are located in the Bitterroot Valley. In fact, U.S. News and World Report just ranked Florence-Carlton High School as the seventh, best high school in Montana.Plus, your kids will want to spend time outdoors skiing, fishing, hunting, exploring, and doing all of the other, exciting activities this area has to offer. They will receive a hands-on education about nature and wildlife away from their cell phones.

3. All amenities of the big city are here.
While you might be surrounded by a quiet natural environment, you can still enjoy high-quality shopping, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, shows, and much more. Missoula is just a few minutes away so if you move to the Bitterroot Valley, you won’t have to give up all of the “city comforts” you have now.

4. People hold the door for you.Skwalla fly fishing in Montana - Western Montana sports and recreation
This is not a cold, big city. People are especially friendly and kind here. You will always be greeted with a warm welcome and a big smile! It might take some time to get used to, but Montana locals are known for their hospitality. Get ready to meet positive people who love life!

5. There is something for everyone.
Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business, a quiet person who just likes to relax at home, an outgoing volunteer who likes to get involved with numerous clubs, charities, sporting activities, and more, or something else, the Bitterroot Valley has you covered.
It’s a great business environment, a wonderful place to raise a family and get involved with the community, and a good home where you can enjoy as much, or as little, of what this beautiful location has to offer.

Is it time to make your home in the Bitterroot Valley and enjoy Western Montana living?

These are just a few of the reasons to consider a move to Montana. If you are looking for a change in 2019, Montana offers a positive environment with affordable housing, great schools and plenty of activities for the entire family.

Want to find out more?

Contact me for more information at 406.240.6497 or [email protected]

Your Sandhill Ridge fireplace awaits!

Bitterroot Valley Luxury Homes For You!

The Ultimate Gift of Western Montana Living is Here!

If your holiday dream is to own one of the beautiful, Bitterroot Valley Luxury Homes in Western Montana, it can now become a reality! You may have seen the luxurious log cabins and big mansions on television and envied the people who live in Big Sky Country.

Own your own Bitterroot River Retreat and Bitterroot Valley luxury homes in Montana!They can step right outside of their homes and enjoy beautiful scenery and fresh air. They can ski, hike, bike, and do a multitude of fun, outside activities throughout the year… away from the noise and stress of city living.

Well, while many of the homes in Montana are expensive and exclusive to the rich and famous, there is now an opportunity to have your very own part of Big Sky Country… without the huge price tag.

The brand new community of Sandhill Ridge is waiting for you!

Enjoy Sandhill Ridge in Montana!Located in Ravalli County, this area is part of the north/south mountain valley bordered by the Bitterroot Mounts on the West and the Sapphire Mountains on the East. Here, you’ll find all of the outdoor activities Montana is known for right in your own backyard.

Currently, builders are creating thirty-five homes on premier lots ranging from 1 to 2.29 acres. This gives you the unique opportunity to choose the location and model you want. You can also personalize your home the way you want it in regards to colors, upgrades, floor plans, and more.

However, homes at Sandhill Ridge are going quickly.

Enjoy Bitterroot Valley Luxury Homes of your dreams!And for good reason. Not only can you create the Montana Bitterroot Valley luxury home of your dreams, but you can also enjoy some of the unique benefits of this community. For example, property taxes and energy bills are lower here than in the bigger cities nearby.

Plus, your children can attend some of the best schools in the state without having to deal with all of the traffic and noise of the city. They can learn from Montana’s wildlife and natural surroundings everywhere they look and play.. without having to be connected to their electronics.

While you’ll be in a brand new community in the heart of Montana nature, you can also access all of the amenities and enjoyments the bigger cities have to offer. Sandhill Ridge is just minutes away from Missoula where you’ll find unique shopping, restaurants, movies, shows, and much more for the entire family to enjoy. After a day or night out, you can retreat to your quiet and comfortable home!

If a Western Montana living is on your holiday gift list, check out these Bitterroot Valley Luxury Homes at Sandhill Ridge.

Now, you can make your holiday dreams a reality and create the perfect home for you and your family in the heart of Montana!

Contact Cindi Hayne for more information at 406.240.6497 or [email protected]

Sandhill Ridge, Montana is ready for you!

Have You Seen Sandhill Ridge In Montana?

Enjoy a piece of Western Montana for your very own!

Enjoy Montana living at Sandhill Ridge!Several months ago, I told you about the brand new community in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana known as Sandhill Ridge.

They are in the process of building thirty-five homes on premier lots ranging from 1 to 2.29 acres, and these are beauties.

Not only can you choose different models and personalize the look and feel with your favorite colors, styles, upgrades, floor plan, and more, you can also choose the location you want… if you act quickly.

These beautiful homes are perfect for those who have always wanted to experience the Montana “Big Sky” lifestyle, without the large price.

Property taxes, energy bills and more are lower here. But, you still get to enjoy all of the outdoor sports and recreation activities, cultural events, restaurants, shopping, healthcare, and more found in the more popular, Montana cities.

It’s a wonderful, family environment with friendly people, great schools and a plentitude of things to do for people of all ages.

The experienced team at Tamarack Construction is currently working on several new homes that are energy-efficient, made with “green” construction methods and include Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

Check out these photos:

Your Sandhill Ridge fireplace awaits!






Is Sandhill Ridge in Montana your new home?

There is a complete, local sales team ready to answer your questions and guide you through the purchasing process using preferred lenders and a nationally recognized interior design coordinator.

This area is developing quickly, and now is your chance to get exactly what you want, where you want it and enjoy your very own “Big Sky” Montana home.

Contact Cindi Hayne for more information at 406.240.6497 or [email protected]






Forest Hills Montana is Big Sky Country!

Forest Hills, Montana is Waiting for You!

New Real Estate Available for All the Best of Big Sky Country

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a horse property, now is your chance.

Lots are available in Forest Hills, Montana part of the Bitterroot Valley just south of Missoula.

Here, you’ll find 185 acres packed with American West adventures like riding horses, fly-fishing, camping, hiking, and so much more.

Get property now in Forest Hills Montana

Forest Hills borders the Bitterroot-Selway National Forest. And, the owners have taken exemplary care of the land in their hay farming activities, raising beef cattle, and currently, manufacturing forestry products.

Now, they are offering just 27 parcels ranging from about five to ten acres.

If you become one of the lucky owners to experience this unique lifestyle, you have access to seasonal irrigation, walking, hiking, and equestrian trails leading directly to forest-service access, value-added covenants, thoughtful design guidelines, paved roads, and more.

Not only will you enjoy a beautiful combination of grassland meadows and mature evergreen trees through the four seasons, you’ll also have easy access to the city.

The well-maintained country road of Sweeney Creek Loop connects you to Missoula in just a 25-minute drive. Plus, the nearby town of Florence offers stores, restaurants, medical offices, and other conveniences.

Your children will also receive a good education as the Florence-Carlton High School was just rated #1 in the Bitterroot Valley and seventh statewide.

Forest Hills provides all of the outdoor activities you think of when you dream of Montana living.

You’ll experience direct access to the Bitterroot-Selway National Forest, which is the largest Forest Hills Montana Price Listwilderness area in the lower 48 states.

Here, you will find 1.6 million acres of hiking, trails, hunting, nature viewing, and much more.

In addition, the popular Bass Creek Recreational area is adjacent to Forest Hills where you can enjoy well-maintained trails, camping and numerous, day activities.

All types of biking, skiing, and snow mobile adventures await… without the big crowds.

This is one reason why the Bitterroot Valley is the newest destination in Montana.

And let’s not forget what Western Montana is known for… some of the best fly-fishing in the world!

With the Bitterroot River, the West Fork, the East Fork, the Clark Fork River, the Missouri, and the Blackfoot Rivers, you can take your pick!

Forest Hills offers everything you could possibly want in Montana living.

All of the outdoor adventures you desire are right outside your door. In addition, city life with numerous dining and shopping options, entertainment, cultural events, the Missoula International Airport, the University of Montana, the nationally recognized Missoula Marathon, two regional hospitals, and more are just a short drive away.

Ready to find out more?

Contact Cindi Hayne at 406-240-6497 or email her at [email protected]