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Find Montana Luxury Property And The Lost Trail

There is Bitterroot Valley Real Estate For Sale in this Hidden Gem!

If you are looking for a Montana luxury property and Bitterroot Valley real estate for sale, you’ll want to check out this video. A professional skier from Lake Tahoe, Amy Inga Brunson gives you an upfront view of Lost Trail Powder Mountain. If you love to ski, you may not know about this hidden gem that focuses on the beauty of the area and the actual enjoyment of skiing.

In the remote Bitterroot Mountains, you’ll discover Lost Trail Powder Mountain.

Here, you won’t find a lot of tourists…. Just an authentic experience enjoying all the area has to offer.

Check out the area as Amy skis through the state of Montana and ends up at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

She skis to the best spots on the mountain with local, ski school instructor, Chris Miller. Since he grew up skiing this mountain, he gives her a realistic taste of local culture.

“The terrain is really enticing and playful, and there are a lot of fun small nuggets to find,” states Amy. “There are also some gnarly and cool little lines that you can get to here!’

Lost Trail Powder Mountain has the “soul of skiing” at heart. Everyone you meet seems to be smiling and having a great time.

Amy also visits Hamilton, Montana where they have a “really cool brewery scene” with good music. Here, you’ll find a “classic Main Street, great coffee shops, good restaurants and bars, and a great place for just a walk around town.”

You’ll love the inside scoop Amy provides for my local area! She shows how you can still escape all of the tourism and enjoy the true beauty of Montana… whether you ski or not.

If you want to find a Montana luxury property (or see Bitterroot Valley real estate for sale) in this area, and have this wonderful experience right outside of your back door, please give me a call.

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