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The Missoula Marathon – Preparation Continues!

Entering a Fun Race to Get Ready for The Missoula Marathon!

 As many of you know, I’m entering the Missoula Marathon for the first time as a Half-Marathon runner. This great race has been around for a long time, and as a local, Montana resident, it will be so nice to actually be a participant.

Enjoy Montana

Due to healing my broken wrist and the snow and ice outside, I’ve spent the last, few months training inside with the Jeff Galloway method. This involves a lot of weight training and stretching.

But now, the weather is getting warmer, and it’s great to run outside… and increase my training level.

Enter the encouragement of my Montana friends.

Get ready for The Missoula Marathon!Since many of my friends know I’m not a runner, they are providing a lot of support. And, we’ve all decided to take part in a fun run to help prepare for the Missoula Marathon… the RC Mudders for Conservation in Ravalli County, Montana!

It’s the first time this run has taken place, and the proceeds help with conservation education efforts in the local community. These include “educational materials, outreach activities, classes, and grants that pertain to wildlife, soils, water, forestry, and of course noxious weeds.”

But, more important, this run is going to be a lot of fun for the entire family!

Basically, adults run through a 5K course where you go under and over all kinds of obstacles and run through muddy areas. Kids 10 and under can participate in the “Munchkin Obstacle Course” which includes 10 different courses.

The Ravalli County Weed district who is putting on the race is encouraging participants to where costumes and avoid wearing loose items that can get lost. I know I’m going to wear older clothes that I don’t mind getting dirty!

The race takes place on June 16th so I have some training to do in advance to get ready. The cost is currently $45.00 for adults and $15.00 for kids. When you register, you’ll get an event t-shirt, medal and wrist band. You can check out all of the specifics here.

This is a great, local event that helps the community.

Plus, it will help me get ready for the big, Missoula Marathon.

Want to join me or find out more about this local event and the Missoula area?

Please contact me here. I’d love to share my insights and tips on this wonderful area with you!


Why Start a Business in Montana? A Startup Hub!

Startups Grow in Missoula, Bozeman and the Bitterroot Valley

Montana provides a great business environment and lifestyle

If you want to start a business in Montana, you are not alone. Recently, the Montana High Tech Business Alliance announced a list of business startups in the technology and manufacturing industries to watch in 2018. Western Montana business in Montana Living in Montana - Start a business in Montana

These companies have ten or fewer employees and:

  • “Steep revenue growth and/or are working in a high-growth sector
  • Poised to launch high-potential products or services
  • Own or are developing valuable intellectual property
  • On track to land major clients or enter new markets
  • Plan to expand operations or add a significant number of jobs in 2018
  • Have management teams led by experienced entrepreneurs or top experts in their fields”

The finalists named were:

  • “Cowboy Cricket Farms, Belgrade
  • DermaXon, Missoula
  • io, Whitefish
  • GeoFli, Missoula
  • Inimmune, Missoula
  • PinnaCal, LLC, Corvallis
  • Sellout, Bozeman
  • Triple Tree, Bozeman”

Why Start a Business in Montana?

Funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the report entitled, “A New Frontier, Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Bozeman and Missoula, Montana,” outlines the benefits to starting a business in Big Sky Country.

According to the report, the area offers unique assets including: local support organization, venture capital, a good workforce with high retention rates, diversity, mentors, a great quality of life, and more.

And “research by other scholars also highlights that Missoula and Bozeman ranked 9th and 12th highest in startup rates among 394 areas in the country,” per the report.

Plus, it’s a great place to raise a family. There are endless outdoor and indoor activities, great schools and universities, entertainment and sports facilities, and more.

Plus, the cost of living is much less than many big cities in the U.S., there are convenient airports and transportation that make it easy to travel anywhere, and it’s a beautiful place to live with friendly, warm people.

Montana Is Not Just for Recreation

If you’ve just thought about visiting Montana to fly fish, enjoy the snow or a local rodeo, the state has so much more to offer. There are great opportunities for business startups to grow and be successful. Plus, the local communities and parks offer unique activities, food and entertainment for all ages.

Want to find out more about starting a business in Montana and the local area?

As a local, I can give you the inside scoop on various communities, real estate and more to meet your specific needs. Contact me for more information!

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An Update to My First Run in The Missoula Marathon

Join Me for a Fun, Local Montana Experience!

Well, at this point, most of you know I’ve entered The Missoula Marathon for the first time and will be running the Half-Marathon. As someone who is not a runner, I thought it was about time to get involved and actually be part of this great, local tradition!The Missoula Marathon and My Broken Wrist!

So far, my training is progressing slowly, especially with a broken wrist.

I’m doing a lot of weight training, stretching and utilizing the Jeff Galloway method.

With this, you run a short distance and then walk to start building up your legs and stamina.

I use the Galloway stopwatch and his book, “Half-Marathon – You Can do It” for the plan outline. I have to say it really does work.

And if I can do it, so can you. After all, I’m just a beginner. And, I’ve found time to train even with my broken wrist, family and work responsibilities and more. There really are no excuses for participating in a local event like this, whether it’s in Montana or your home town. You just have to make your mind up to do it, and then go for it!

Right now, my training is in the gym since there is still snow on the roads. But springtime is just around the corner, and I’ll be able to run outside soon!

How about you? Do you want to take part in The Missoula Marathon?

The Missoula Marathon happens the weekend of July 13th through July 15th in Missoula, Montana. And it’s a great event for the entire family.

Yes, it’s an official USA Track and Field certified course and Boston Marathon qualifier, but there is a place for novices, kids, competitive runners, and more to participate. It’s just a matter of registering, getting ready and then showing up on race day!

And in addition to running through the beautiful, Montana countryside, there will also be treats for the kids and special surprises from local vendors.

Plus, there will be all kinds of drinks and food to eat at local restaurants, live entertainment and fun activities for everyone involved.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a good runner or not. It’s more about getting involved in the local community and having a great time with family and friends of all ages!

Well, I’d better get back to training. But if you’d like more details about The Missoula Marathon, click here. And if you’d like insights about the local area from me, feel free to write to me here.

Visit Montana or Find a Home in the Bitterroot Valley with New Flights

Discover All That Big Sky Country Has To Offer!

If you ever wanted to visit Montana or find a home in the Bitterroot Valley, now it’s easier than ever before! The Missoula International Airport just announced new direct flights.Find a home in the Bitterroot Valley.

These include the following:

  • Frontier Airlines from Denver, CO – Starting May 2, 2018
  • Allegiant Airlines from Los Angeles, CA – Starting May 7, 2018
  • Allegiant Airlines from Oakland, CA – Starting May 18, 2018
  • American Airlines from Dallas, TX and Chicago, IL – Starting June 7, 2018
  • United Airlines from Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA – June 7, 2018
  • Delta Airlines from Atlanta, GA – June 7, 2018

With these direct flights, it takes less time to get to Big Sky Country and enjoy everything it has to offer. This includes visiting for business, play time or to find a home in the Bitterroot Valley.

For business, you’ll find that Montana is a hub of activity:

  • There are about 115,054 small businesses in Montana and they make up 97.4% of Montana Businesses per data from The Small Business Administration.
  • There are big companies for employment in Montana including the following:
    • Billings Clinic
    • Glacier Ban
    • Town Pump
    • Kalispell Regional
    • First Interstate BancSystem Inc.
    • Stillwater Mining Co
    • The Waggoners Trucking
    • Peter’s Hospital
    • DADavidson Companies
    • Watkins & Shepard Trucking

For fun in Montana, the list of outdoor and indoor activities is endless and includes:

  • Walking, hiking, cycling, skiing and more in the many, state parks.
  • Fly fishing, hunting, bird watching, etc.
  • Seeing rodeos and visiting unique restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping areas.
  • Visiting museums, enjoying the great outdoors, and much more!

And if you want to find a home in The Bitterroot Valley, it’s the perfect time because:

  • Temperatures are warming up, but there are not a lot of tourists in the area yet.
  • There are lots of ways to be part of the community and truly experience like a local (for example, The Missoula Marathon)
  • We can give you a personal tour of properties that are perfect for your lifestyle, budget and more!

Visiting Montana is Easier than Ever!

With the new, direct flights into Missoula, Montana, it’s easier than ever to do business here, enjoy the great outdoors and all of the unique entertainment the area has to offer. Also, if you’d like to find a home in the Bitterroot Valley, it’s simple to travel here and check out the local area.

If you’d like to experience our friendly culture and beautiful surroundings, please contact me directly to help you around the local area and find a home in the Bitterroot Valley that suits your specific needs and budget!

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The Missoula Marathon for Kids

The Famous, Missoula Marathon is Not Just for Adults!

Did you know that The Missoula Marathon offers an entire race for kids?

The Missoula Marathon for Kids and Teens

As I prepare for running in The Missoula Marathon for the first time, I’m realizing what a great event this is for the entire family.

I’m a local resident who has watched this race several times. But this year, I’ve decided to get more involved and actually be part of the Half Marathon (I’m not a runner and am training to participate right now!).

And while this is an official race and named “One of the Best Marathons in the U.S.,” there is plenty of entertainment, food, drinks, and other activities for bystanders and participants alike.

But, what I really noticed is what a great event this is to share with children.

Whether you have children, or want to spend the day with your nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and more, this is the perfect opportunity. You can get your kids away from their mobile devices and video games and enjoy a fun time in the beautiful, Montana countryside.

Information about the Missoula Kids MarathonThe Missoula Kids Marathon

The event takes place on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. starting on the Clark Fork River Trail and finishing at Caras Park Pavilion. You can see a course map here.

The cost to participate is $10, but there are scholarships available.

And this is a one-mile fun race that’s non-competitive and non-timed for ages 13 and under. To become a full-marathon finisher, participants can also complete a 25-mile training program prior to the event, and then they can “run, walk or jog the 1.2-mile course.”

All of the children who participate receive an official race number and medal just for finishing! Plus, they receive a goodie bag and t-shirt, too. Everyone wins!

Well, I’d better get back to my training. But you can check out all of the information about The Missoula Kids Marathon and The Missoula Marathon (if you’d like to run it yourself) at

And if you have questions, just contact me at 406-240-6497 or here. I’d love to show you this beautiful area… especially if you are thinking of buying a home here.

The Missoula Marathon Offers a Great Vacation Experience

Have fun with the entire family as a Montana localThe Missoula Marathon happens in Montana!

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting “Big Sky Country” and the place where they filmed “A River Runs Through It,” it’s the perfect time to schedule a vacation to Montana this summer.


The The Missoula Marathon happens the weekend of July 13th through the 15th, and it provides a unique experience for the entire family.

You see, members of Run Wild Missoula created the race to share the beauty of the local area. In fact, The Missoula Marathon was named the “Best Marathon in the U.S.” in 2010 by Runner’s Word Magazine readers and in 2017 by the BibRave 100. Run Wild Missoula also says that Runner’s World named it the Top Marathon For Back-Of-The-Packers (2017) and a Top 10 Bucket List Marathon (2018).

And as someone who is running the race for the first time, I’m discovering that it is much more than a run… it’s a big local event full of fun, food and excitement! Everyone in the community will come together to enjoy fun activities, entertainment and more.

What better way to truly experience Montana and its great people?

Why Visit Montana during the Missoula Marathon?

  • See the scenic, Montana countryside as you participate in the race;
  • Eat great food at the local restaurants and enjoy unique entertainment;
  • Take advantage of special hotel rates and travel discounts; and
  • Have fun with the entire family at the various activities and events!

Instead of just visiting the local area, now you can participate in a big, community event and “be a local” for a weekend. It’s a unique experience you can tell your friends and family about. And remember, you don’t need to be a runner to be part of the fun!

Want to learn more about the Missoula Marathon and the surrounding area?

You can check out all of the details for the Missoula Marathon here.

And if I can provide additional information about the local area and the properties available, please contact me here.

I’d love to share my insights on this great community and the Montana lifestyle with you!